Mats Uldal Humanitarian Foundation (MUHF)

Mats Uldal and Bitta Wiese have for a long time had a vision to provide humanitarian assistance nationally and internationally. The foundation’s purpose is to provide humanitarian aid mainly based on Mats Uldals Simplified TFT with Advanced Questioning Techniques (AQT) and similar forms of energy psychology and/or energy medicine. The work will be directed towards people “struck by the powers of nature or the weakness of mankind” and to people with emotional problems.

Our foundation is the first foundation in mainland Europe to offer help strictly towards the emotional effects of traumas from war, violence, natural Disasters etc.

We hope through MUHF to provide enough NOK funds to send many capable TFT therapists and instructors to crisis areas where there is great need for trauma treatment and help for the emotional strain many people experience in general. We also want to help the weak and those with limited financial means in own society. Uldal and Wiese are the founders, and Bitta Wiese is the manager of the foundation.

We hope that government agencies can see that we have a great need for assistance in these areas, so that we may be applicable for governmental support.

We think we should be considered to receive financial support from the state on these grounds:

  1. We can give away information as humanitarian aid that is not lost in corruption or in buying military weapons.
  2. Norwegian aid money will be used to obtain easily observable results with full “value for money”.
  3.   It is an ethically impeccable way to spend aid money.
  4. The knowledge we teach solves major social problems.
  5. People can start working for the common good when they have gotten rid of their restrictive conditions, saving huge costs and creating major revenues for any society

We also want the support of private individuals who understand the importance of being able to help trauma victims from around the world with something that works fast, is easy to learn and is an excellent self –help method.

We will even contribute a large share of any profits in our businesses to this foundation. One of the first steps we have done is to give the foundation 20 free training places from Mats Uldal International School of TFT (MUIS) to a value of about NOK 600,000.

In addition, we have provided 20 treatment packages at a value of ca NOK 100.000 from Mats Uldal Thought Field Techniques. These will be given to organizations and individuals who we think deserve something extra.

Do you want to contribute?

Donate here:

Account No:  6001 05 02872, IBAN NO4560010502872, Swift NDEANOKK, monthly amount by Direct Debit

Click here to download the form you can fill out and return to us:  post@matsuldal.com

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