Ugandan Mission 2012

Ugandan Mission 2012

Joint project of the Mats Uldal Humanitarian Foundation


ATFT Foundations of USA and UK

Chair:                          Joanne Callahan, USA

Team members:           Suzanne Connolly, USA

Roger Ludwig, USA

Howard Robson, UK

Phyll Robson, UK

Mats Uldal, Norway

Bitta R. Wiese, Norway

Team Leader:              Howard Robson, UK

Dates for the trip:        June 10 – 30, 2012


1.      To complete a 3rd controlled study of TFT for PTSD

2.      To undertake a study of TFT for symptom relief for malaria, and identify common algorithms (venue to be arranged).

3.      To provide TFT training for previously 500 trained.

4.      To train Community Leaders

5.      Involve the Rwandan team members in training

6.      Mats Uldals Advanced Questioning Techniques to be taught to local people who have previously completed algorithm and diagnostic TFT training. A minimum of 100 participants will be sought.

Venue:                                     Ugandan border to Kongo; Kasese and possibly Kasanga.

Budget:                                   $60,000 dollars

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